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  1. There is less left for the exit in the stores of mobile devices! Stay tuned, the battle will begin!
  2. Lescovex is a new exchange with multiple crypto & fiat (EUR USD JPY CNY MXN). They will be one of the exchanges with the most fiat currencies in the market. And ARKER is one of the coins planned to be listed on it!
  3. Arker alpha is just around the corner! On April 13, the fight begins. From next week we will begin to validate the inscriptions made through the form; All participants who meet the requirements will receive a confirmation email and, on Friday the 13th, they will receive an invitation to download the game.
  4. Weekly Updates ( #5 week / 2018) - New office - New additions to the team - Upcoming alpha - Exchanges and market applications More: Stay tuned on Telegram Groups! (WorldWide) (Spanish)
  5. Hey heroes! The ARKER Coin distribution has begun. If you have participated in the ICO check your email, we have sent you the instructions to receive your coins. If you have any questions, contact us at:
  6. Today we bring you one of the most demanded features for our ICO! We already have our referral system to give a boost to the last weeks of the ICO, with this program we will offer 5% of the proportional contribution in the ICO. For example, if John gives his referral link to Steve, and Juan collaborates in the ICO with 1 ETH, Pedro will automatically receive the Arker ratio of 0.05 ETH at the end of the ICO. For all those who want to have their referral link, they can contact Nelson through Telegram: Or also through the mail for inquiries from Arker Once you have your link, you only have to send it to your friends and we take care of the rest! Any questions about the project, you can consult on our website. You can also contact us through social networks or in the official Telegram groups. Telegram Group in Spanish: Telegram Group in English: Thank you very much everyone for making Arker known and helping us with the propagation of this great project. Regards!
  7. First official teaser of the game Arker, we hope you like it!
  8. Good morning! Remember that today is the last day with 15% bonus! Take advantage of the offer, and join us!
  9. The ICO has started very well, in just 12 hours we have received a lot of support. There is still the best bonus, take advantage! Thanks for participating!
  10. 300 ARKER COINS GIVEAWAY To celebrate the beginning of the ICO tomorrow, November 10, Arker wants to make a giveaway. All the members of the Telegram groups (Arker Community or Comunidad Arker) can opt for an unique airdrop (free coins) of 300 Arker Coin. Therefore, until November 18th, any person who joins and stays in one or both of the Telegram groups will be given the opportunity to participate in the giveaway. When we reach the last day, through the online tool, a winner will be randomly selected from among the members of both groups. Those people who are in both groups will have two entries in the giveaway! It is also an essential requirement to follow the Twitter account ArkerCommunity. If the winner did not meet this condition, we will select another winner again until finding a winner that meets all the requirements. The giveaway will be effective within 7 days once the ICO of the project finishes on December 30, 2017.
  11. This morning our service provider (OVH) has had a problem with the power supply, leaving all the servers hosted in the European facilities without service. We have made the migration to another provider as fast as possible, having the respective fall of the web for a few hours, hopefully it will not happen again. We feel the inconvenience caused. Regards!
  12. Tenemos nuevo advisor / partner para nuestro proyecto! Jose Felip CEO de, Editor y coordinador del libro gratuito "La era de las BLOCK punto COM"
  13. Solo quedan 4 días para el comienzo de la ICO, os esperamos a todos por allí! Un abrazo!
  14. Salimos en el periódico! Levante de Castellón Aquí os dejo una captura del articulo. Saludos!
  15. Juanjo Chust Founder / CEO After almost 5 years directing a small development team in a company specialized in online payment methods, he decided to specialize in blockchain technology. Aaron Martínez Operations After almost 5 years directing a development team in a company specialized in online payment methods, he has specialized in blockchain technology. Nelson Marco Social / Systems He has been managing servers that accomplished the strictest security standards such as PCI-DSS and always had passion for online marketing (SEO, Social Networks ...). Jose Ignacio Rubio Technologies With more than 5 years of experience, he is currently in the R&D sector using the most advanced technologies in the world of software. Carlos Santamaria Design Architect / Creator of worlds Copywriter and expert in gamification and advergaming, he has worked for companies such as Pixar and collaborated on various projects in the field of design, mobile applications, video games and e-commerce. Follow us on the social networks